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    in Ankara

    First Day

    What about starting your journey from the center of the city? The mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Türkiye, called Anıtkabir, is in the city center and this is an ideal place to start visiting Ankara. Anıtkabir reflects the grandiosity of modern architecture. The Atatürk and Independence War Museum inside Anıtkabir gives visitors the chance to witness how a nation was born.

    CerModern Art Gallery may be your next stop! Intending to be a social education project, CerModern aims to provide an inclusive experience of art and with the continuous production of projects; it became a center for culture and education.

    We have a good suggestion for the afternoon: Hamamönü. It located between Ulus and Sıhhiye districts and renovated after careful city planning, was awarded the European Tourist Destination of Excellence 2011. Its historic Ankara houses, authentic streets, cultural and artistic events all year around, hand-made products exhibited at the street corners, the street of art, open-air movie theatre, shopping stores promising novelties for all tastes and budgets are among the sightseeing spots of Hamamönü.

    Second Day

    Let’s start to second day in Ankara at Ulus district.

    Hacı Bayram-ı Veli Mosque leaning to the walls of the Temple of Augustus, which is the symbol of tolerance and peaceful co-existence of diverse communities.

    Then, you can stay in Ulus district to see The War of Indepence Museum (First Parliament House). The former Turkish Parliament building (now the War of Independence Museum) which was used during the Turkish War of Independence.

    For a delicious meal and some shopping, it is possible to visit the shopping centers of Ankara. Ankara is a shopaholic’s heaven. Thousands of domestic and international brands hosted by huge shopping malls where typically highest floor is reserved for restaurants, cafes and movie theaters. They are open between 10 am and 10 pm.