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    It is the center of cultural and artistic activities with the state supported facilities like the State Theaters, the State Opera and the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO). There are many private theaters in our city. Culture and art galleries, local and international film activities, international festivals, World’s one and only International Child Fest, the April 23, European and Asian biennials, sports and cultural activities, exhibitions, folklore, various artistic contest and rich folk dances are among the activities that keep the cultural and artistic life alive in the city.


    Seymens (part of a hundreds of years old Ahi Tradition, also served as guards or later as militia in Central Anatolia) who participate in holiday and wedding ceremonies with their traditional local costumes are the symbols of bravery, dare and patriotism. Although, it is originated from “Sekban” unit of the Guild of Janissaries, the Seymen tradition goes back to the Oghuz tribes which settled in Ankara and its environs. Kargın, Çavundur and Büğdüz of Çubuk province, Bayındır of Elmadağ province, Kayı, Kınık and of Yenimahalle province Dodurga, Peçenek ve Yazır located at the skirts of Hüseyin Gazi Dağı mountain, Avşar villages at the Bala province got their names from the 24 Oghuz tribes. Settlement spot of princes before going to the Söğüt province was Gölbaşı. Seymen ceremonies were held at the times when the “National Spirit” reached to a peak.